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Working woman wardrobe fundamentals

Today I’m thrilled to share my working girl wardrobe essentials!  Whether you’re a recent graduate new to the workforce, interviewing for a new job, or excited to up your style game at work to land (or keep!) a recent promotion, this is the listing for you!

Before diving in, I have to apologize that the wedding event Wednesday publish I guaranteed last week is being temporarily postponed.  Last Wednesday was the very first of my wedding event Wednesday messages where I shared our ceremony as well as all the juicy details on what the bridal celebration wore.  I guaranteed the second wedding publish today—the details on our reception—but I had a major technological crisis last night and that publish was lost somewhere in cyberspace.  Major, major fail, interwebs.

Luckily, I had this publish prepared to share with you tomorrow, so decided to post it today instead while I teeter on the edge of the golden entrance Bridge identifying whether I ought to begin the wedding event publish around once again or just hurl myself off of a Ponte. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, let’s take a gander at the top essential products every working woman ought to have in her closet…

If you flip to page 13 of my 2015 holiday Memo, I’ve featured my working woman wardrobe fundamentals on the left, as well as much more holiday gift concepts for the new working woman on the right. I get asked by visitors all the time for suggested working woman “essentials” so I’m thrilled to show you my list:

Classic dark fit with mix-and-match pieces (Brooks siblings as well as J. team likewise have excellent options)

Non-iron button front shirt

Cableknit cardigan

Classic navy blazer

Timeless trench (affordable alternate here)

Classic black wool coat

Classic carry bag

Perfect pumps (same style, lower heel choice here)

Pointed-toe flats (additional excellent choices here)

For those just starting out their careers, products from both pages would make incredible gifts!

*cough* particularly those stemless red wine glasses *cough*

I’ve had a great deal of suits, as well as this theory number continues to regime ultimate in my wardrobe as my extremely preferred classic, dark suit.  It’s excellent quality, drapes beautifully, uses like iron as well as is available in a classic, ageless cut.  As discussed above, I likewise truly like the high quality suiting choices at J. team as well as Brooks Brothers, for that basic, essential fit that every woman ought to own.

For those of you who work in innovative or casual environments that don’t have to wear something this company formal every day, I still believe it’s truly essential to have at least one dark fit in your closet.  You never understand when you may all of a sudden get tapped to make a client presentation, go to a much more formal conference, or be brought to a higher-level meeting.  You want to be armed as well as prepared for those unforeseen moments!

Also, as an aside, I’ve had a few of you ask just recently why I don’t publish a great deal of conventional fits such as this all the time.  It’s a question that I’ve dealt with a number of times in the past, however it’s a great one as well as certainly worth repeating!  So right here are my thoughts:

When you believe about workwear, I’m guessing a fundamental navy suit is among the very first things that come to mind.  Throughout Memorandum’s lifespan, I’ve endeavored to share looks that aren’t just the standard-issue, “typical” workwear.  While today’s publish is one of my favorite, traditional office looks ideal for company formal environments or interviews, as a workstyle blogger, I’m not necessarily providing anything especially book with this outfit.  I believed it was helpful to share my suggestions on work wardrobe essentials along with my extremely preferred essential suits, however in terms of styling, I doubt numerous of you looked at my pairing of a navy pencil skirt as well as matching fit jacket with a white button-down t-shirt as well as thought—Wow! I never would’ve thought of that combo!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I like much more than a classic, easy look such as this one. However, right here on Memorandum, I try to add a bit much more value.  While everybody (who works in a conventional company formal setting, at the extremely least) ought to own a couple traditional fits like today’s, in many of my posts, I try to offer styling concepts for the working woman that are a bit less obvious.  Let’s deal with it, you’re a wise expert chick that doesn’t requirement me or anybody else to tell you that a navy skirt suit is a workwear choice for you.  The goal of Memorandum is to show that as working women, regardless of expert environment, we can have great deals of fun with fashion beyond the staid dark fits so often associated to us.  So, I still offer great deals of company formal workwear attire for those of you in Ambientes convencionais, no entanto, em geral, tento misturar um pouco mais!

Conclusão: continue agitando seus trajes tradicionais, mas também não se assusta em alguns casos, acredite fora da caixa de ajuste escuro. 🙂

Trincheira: Burberry | Jaqueta: Teoria | Saia lápis: teoria | Camisa: Brooks Brothers | Sapatos: Coleção SJP | Bolsa: Henri Bendel | Colar: Cogeared | Brincos: Majorica | Lábios: NARS (Bansar)

Happy Winesday!

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